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Zhiying “Steven” Li


Zhiying Li is a 2nd year master of science student of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of California, Los Angeles. He finished his undergraduate in 2020 at UCLA, double majoring in Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics. Broadly, he is interested in robotics and smart healthcare, but he is also open to other related research area.

Currently, he is doing his graduation thesis and applying for Ph.D. program for Fall 2022.

Research Projects

SkinProfiler: Low Cost Mobile Profiling Tool for Skin Health Monitoring (Ongoing)

UCLA HiLab, PI: Yang Zhang

We aim to develop a low-cost mobile profiling tool for skin health monitoring with a focus on mole mapping.

Flying Elf: A Human-Centered Design Framework of Ambient Mid-Air Interactive Computing Platforms (Ongoing)

UCLA HiLab, PI: Yang Zhang

We aim to develop a interactive autonomous blimp that has AR capability.

Competition Project

Autonomous Blimp Competition, November 15 – 19th, 2021 (Ongoing)

Zhaoliang Zheng, Zhiying Li, Shahrul Kamil bin Hassan, Aaron John Sabu, Justin Chandra

UCLA LEMUR Lab, PI: Ankur Mehta

Check our our recent progress here, FORAY posts

Graudate-Level Course Projects

Wearable Triboelectric Nanogenerators (TENGs) for Closed-Loop Sensing and Therapy

Zhiying Li, Bijie Bai, Jingxi Li, Ken-Fu Liang

UCLA BE 298 Wearable Bioelectronics by Prof. Jun Chen in Fall 2020

Report   Presentation

We conducted a literature review in the frontier of the field of Wearable Triboelectric Nanogenerators. Our team gave a presentation and wrote an review writeup of this particular field.

Linear Programming Decoder for Group Testing for COVID 19

Zhiying Li, Sunay Bhat, Samuel Gessow, Terri Tsai, Dominic Yang

UCLA EE 236A Linear Programming by Prof. Christina Fragouli in Fall 2020


We designed and implement a Group Testing decoding algorithm. Group testing has a long history has recently attracted a lot of attention in the context of Covid, as a strategy that can allow to significantly reduce the number of tests used. In this project, we took into account community structure to improve the performance of the linear program decoding group testing employs.

Investigating Proximal Policy Optimization in OpenAI Gym and Roboschool Environments

Zhiying Li, Urmi Bhaumik, Hamlin Liu, Terri Tsai

UCLA EE 239AS Reinforcement Learning by Prof. Lin F. Yang in Spring 2021

Report   Posters   Video

We have demonstrated the theoretical interpreation of Proximal Policy Optimization, and conducted simulation and retrived results on LunarLander-v2 and RoboSchoolAnt-v1. Two environments are chose specifically in order to implement the algorithm on one discrete action environment and one continuous action environment.

Fun Project

jemdoc: a New Web Design

May 2020

Code   Webpage

I made inprovment on the old light weight jemdoc static webpage generator, which is popular in academia, into a mobile browser compatible new design.

Earlier Undergraduate Research Projects

Summer 2018 UCLA Undergraduate Summer Research Program

Summer 2016 UC Davis University Honor Program


2020 – 2022 M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles,
2017 – 2020  B.S.  Electrical Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles, Cum Laude
2017 – 2020  B.S.  Applied Mathematics,  University of California, Los Angeles, Cum Laude

Courses Taken

Graduate: Convex Optimization, Linear Programming, Neural Network and Deep Learning, Neural Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning

Undergraduate: Applied Numerical Computing, Applied Numerical Methods, Differential Equations, Graph Theory, Mathematical Modeling, Optimization, Probability Theory, Simulation Optimization and Data Analysis

Assorted Other Activities

2018 – 2019  Physical Science Review Board, UCLA Undergraduate Science Journal
2017 – 2020  Member, UCLA IEEE-HKN Honor Society